Evening openings of duomo rooftops

Imagine being able to admire a 360° panoramic view of Milan from the rooftops of its most iconic monument, the Duomo Cathedral, at the most beautiful time of the day: at sunset.

Every Thursday night, from the 1st of June until the 31st of August, you will be able to live this incredible experience, thanks to the evening openings of Duomo Rooftops. A unique opportunity to enjoy the spectacle of the hundreds of marble spires that populate the walls of the Duomo, to admire the solemn and silent stone forest, the beautiful ornaments and the “Madonnina” statue, perched on the highest spire of the Cathedral, that represents the heart and soul of the city.

Only during these months, visitors will be allowed to access the Cathedral Rooftops by lift with a 15€ ticket until 10pm (with the last climb scheduled at 8:40pm).



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