The Duomo Cathedral is the city center of Milan, here was born the recent history – last 600 years – of the city. Visiting the Duomo, its museum, it terraces, mean, first of all, to discover the history of the city and of its own pasted and contemporary citizens.

For this reason we decided to integrated for free an audioguide of Milan, in our Duomo Tickets. The audioguide is also a tour onboard the historical tramway line of Milan, the Tram n° 1.

The most ancient tramway line is already in service and is called Tram 1. It is already operated by the historical machine Carrelli, in services since the first years of ‘900.

Thanks to the dedicated audioguide, free included in our tickets, a very exceptional figure will drive you along the most iconicals places of Milan situated for the length of  the roadtrip of Tram line, from  Via Vitruvio (close to Milan Central Station) to the Arc of Peace.

How does it works :

  • After the purchase of anyone of Duomo tickets on this website, you will receive an email with link to the audioguide.
  • Reach the first tram 1 stop available close to you and match it with the track of audiguide or othereway, go to Via Vitruvio to take the tram.
  • Listen directly from your mobile the audioguide.
  • Please remember, if you have not MilanoCard, you have to purchase the ticket for the tram. It costs 2.20€ and is valid for 90 minutes. If you have MilanoCard, the tram is included for free in your city pass.



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